(say ) You’re My Girl

Lời bài hát (say ) You’re My Girl


Hello, may i have this dance with you?

How have you been, girl?
Hold me, and then girl
Just let me look at you.
Tell me, now, is it true?

Oh, did you break up?
No chance to make up.
I hate to take up all your time,
But tell me.

Oh, no it won’t be repeated.
You mean to tell me he cheated?
Oh, what a fool he’s been
Though he is, my best friend

I hate it this way,
But i’ve waited for this day.
I’ve always wanted
You to be my girl.

Be my girl, you’re my girl.
I still don’t believe it
He played around on you.
When all the time he knew
I loved you too

With your big eyes,full lips,
High cheek bones,
And ev’rything about you, girl.
Personality girl,
Gimme a chance, come on,
Let’s dance,some
Dance the night awa–y;

You’re my girl.you’re my girl, you’re my girl.
Baby doll, baby, baby, hold me tight.
Be mine tonight, say it’s alright.
And i will never, ever let you go, oh…
Be my girl, be my girl,
You’re my girl.you’re mine,
You’re my girl.

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